Imagine a whole new world of potential customers that you've just stumbled across. The only problem is, this world is vast and filled with so many different types of terrain that it makes difficult to explore..

Enter Shift Media Management.

At Shift, we'll establish a complete online presence for your business. The Internet is an endless tool for bringing you leads, and we'll go through endless lengths to make sure your business thrives in this technological era.

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Phil Berhane


With a background in sales, tech, and thousands following my personal Instagram page, I feel inclined to help others build their online presence. Consider me your web guy!

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What we do in a nutshell:

Web Design & Development

Using modern design and UI tactics, we'll design and develop a website that looks great across all devices and does well with conversions.


Also known as Search Engine Optimization. This means that while building your website, we'll do everything to make sure Google likes your website.

Social Media Management

With a month-to-month subscription, we'll create and implement social media strategies to increase revenue + brand awareness for your business.

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For more information or if you just want to say "hi" , send us a message and we'll get back to you within 48hrs.